Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Episode 12

Ever wished life were that simple? That you could just dump worry and be happy? In this podcast, you’ll be introduced to a couple of easy techniques that can indeed release your worry and lead you to the land of “be happy."

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Monday, February 1, 2021

Putting Love Into Action on Valentine’s Day


Picture Credit: Kentucky Department of Education

In this time of a seemingly-never-ending pandemic, Valentine’s Day is bound to be different for many of us. Those who are couples may miss the traditional dinners-out, romantic get-aways, and other such expressions of their undying affection.

But what if there was an easy, heartfelt way for all of us – singles as well as couples – to honor Valentine’s Day. A way to express love in a safe, non-COVID threatening way, not just to our sweetheart, but to the many others in our world that we hold dear. It’s putting love into action by simply saying, “Thank you.”

Take Ana Reyes, for example, who some 40 years later (!), tracked down her first grade teacher, Mrs. Harkleroad (with the help of the Kentucky Department of Education), to thank Mrs. Harkleroad for giving her the skills that led to Ana’s professional success as a lawyer. Ana immigrated to Kentucky from Spain and Uruguay as a toddler, and struggled to learn the language of her new country. Upon noticing this, Mrs. Harkleroad came to school an hour early every day to tutor Ana in English. Ana was an avid learner, and learned fast. From those early school days, Ana went on to achieve her law degree from Harvard, as well as a Master’s in international public policy from Johns Hopkins University. Mrs. Harkleroad, now 77, was moved to tears by the letter of thanks Ana read to her – truly love in action.

Saying “thank you,” may seem simplistic, even meaningless. Just a phrase you whip off out of politeness. But “thank you,” when truly felt and expressed genuinely, is far more than that. It’s letting someone know that you recognize what they did for you as being meaningful, as impacting your life in a positive way, however large or small that may have been. Acknowledging that in some way, they loved you. They respected and honored you as a worthwhile human being, even if it was just in serving you a latte. Saying “thank you” loves them back.

So this Valentine’s Day, let “thank you” be how you express your love and appreciation to as many people as you can in your world. It doesn’t matter whether you thank someone verbally, or in a text, email, letter or Voicemail. Whether it’s just two words, or a passionate pages-long outpouring of gratitude, “thank you” is always valuable. Perhaps even more so in these pandemic days, when we all could do with a little more love.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Fantasy Fun – Episode 10

What do you do when you want so badly to just ditch it all – yet you know you absolutely cannot? What if you could discover a way to ditch it all – without really ditching it? And without harming anyone in the process . . .

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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Don’t Let Fear Run the Show! – Episode 9

Do you ever feel like you’re not in charge of your emotions, that fear is lurking inside of you, ready to engulf you in a tsunami of dreaded and dreadful feelings? In this podcast, find out how you can take charge of your fear and take back your life the way you want it to feel!




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Monday, December 28, 2020

How Candice Bergen Changed My Life


In a recent interview, actress Candice Bergen spoke about how her beauty, and the way others react to it, challenged her self-development, as no one seemed to care much about what she thought or her opinions. They were too bedazzled by her face.

I can relate! Candice was one year ahead of me at the all-girls high school we both attended, and believe me, even then her beauty “dazzled.” She was beautiful at an age where others were gawky, pimply, and graceless. She carried herself with a poise and maturity that eluded the rest of us, even when we tried to cultivate it by walking in circles with books on our heads. To top it off, Candice was designated our “May Queen” for the school’s traditional spring fete, the envy of all.

It never occurred to me to look beyond Candice’s beauty to who was home inside. I assumed that she must be everything I wasn’t and longed to be: witty, poised, gracious, etc. I certainly never thought she lacked for any personal or social quality.

Which got me to thinking: in this strange year of political divisiveness and COVID “to mask or not to mask, vaccinate or not to vaccinate,” how often have I looked beyond whatever opposing view someone holds, to the human heart and mind that lies within them? Like, hardly ever! It shames me to say that, for I know better. Yet, like everyone else, I can be – and have been – blinded by a contrary opinion. That has got to change.

For how can we ever achieve peace, the ability to negotiate and find solutions agreeable for most of us, if we get stuck on one aspect of a person? Candice’s beauty is just one aspect of her whole person. My political stance – your political stance – is just one aspect of our whole selves. The same is true of our gender preference, our religious preference, dietary choices, and on and on.

So, perhaps in this New Year, we can do our best to see, really see, the whole person who stands before us, and not dismiss/devalue them based on one or two aspects that we don’t appreciate. I, for one, thank Candice for this profound lesson, and look forward to seeing others through different, more compassionate and understanding eyes in 2021.