Monday, August 17, 2015

Here’s a Switch: Cops Seek Out Good Guys, Not Just Bad Guys

Members of the Denver Police Department are interacting with their community much more these days, but they are not piling up arrests or writing more citations. Instead, they are rewarding people being "caught doing something right" by passing out $10-off pizza coupons.

            “Recognizing people for doing the right thing is a sure fire way to gain loyalty, respect and to motivate people to continue their positive behavior. This is true in any number of situations including a boss signaling out a worker who has gone the extra mile or, in this case, a community member who has obeyed the law.

            The Denver Police will hand out 500 pizza discounts courtesy of Alpine Bank and Papa John's Pizza. Individuals will receive the discount card when a police officer observes them doing such things as using a crosswalk properly and helping others.

            All of us respond in a positive manner when we are on the receiving end of appreciation. It’s human nature. The Denver Police is using this truism for community outreach, but employers can use it in the workplace and see the same kind of results.”

            The show of appreciation doesn’t have to be in the form of a monetary reward. Sometimes, just a "thank you for doing a great job on that proposal" or "I appreciate you staying late so we could meet our delivery deadline" is all it takes. Be sure to be specific about your appreciation. It makes it much more meaningful.

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