Monday, February 15, 2016

Qualities of Happy, Healthy Centenarians - Well Being Journal

Sixty may not be the new forty, and who knows if seventy is the new fifty, but one thing is for sure: many people are living longer, and more are refusing the sedentary approach to their later years.

What about centenarians? 

Amazingly enough, some centenarians drink alcohol, others don’t; some eat “healthy,” others don’t; some pay attention to their weight, others don’t; some smoke, others don’t; some exercise, others wouldn’t dream of it.

These are not reasons to cut loose with unhealthy foods and tequila shots and declare that being a couch potato is the life for you (because all those behaviors do indeed negatively impact your short- and long-term health). However, what is abundantly clear is that centenarians pursue a variety of lifestyles.

The one thing—the only thing—that centenarians have in common is their positive attitude. They aren’t whiners. They are happy. They are optimistic. Above all, the long-lived appreciate the ordinary moments of everyday life. We could all learn something from them.

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