Friday, May 20, 2016

What Made Smirnoff Choose 87-Year-Old Baddie Winkle as Its New Star?

Instagram sensation 87-year-old Baddie Winkle is now starring in a national Smirnoff Ice Electric Flavors commercial. Why choose Winkle instead of someone younger? Baddie Winkle, regardless of her age, shows the sparkle and zest for life that made her an easy choice.

Smirnoff’s "Keep it Moving" campaign is a perfect platform to show off Baddie’s vibrant, high energy personality. Keep it moving is exactly what all of us should do—regardless of age.

Winkle was recently named Instagrammer of the Year, having over 1.9 million followers. Most people who are 87 may feel they shouldn’t do things—like dance or party or just act goofy—because society, especially in the United States, has dictated that older people should fade into the sunset. That’s totally wrong.

Winkle’s words on your Instagram page says it all, "You have to love yourself no matter what others think of you. It’s all in the way you carry and believe in yourself.”

Baddie’s attitude is what we should all embrace. She exemplifies how millions of older adults are living--and enjoying—life. They view life as a wondrous journey that must be experienced to the fullest until we take our last breath.

Not everyone has such a positive outlook, but it’s something we can all acquire—no matter our age. Baddie is amazing, but we can all be amazing in our own way.

Start by setting our inner-optimist free. As we grow older, some of us lament about the activities we used to do but now can’t. Shift your focus from what you can’t have and can’t do in life to appreciate what you do have and can do. Everyone has within them an inner-pessimist and an inner-optimist. Deliberately find ways to see the glass half-full.

Having an appreciative, grateful and optimistic mindset has more impact on your overall health and longevity than what you eat and your physical activity, although these are important too. Being appreciative costs nothing but offers a wealth of happiness and contentment. Just ask Baddie.

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