Thursday, July 1, 2021

Meet An “Amazing” Who Runs With Joy And Exuberance


Ginette Bedard, at 87, has run in over 350 races, including 44 half-marathons and 20 marathons. Her first was the New York City Marathon in 2002. Given that Ginette only started running at 69, this is truly a phenomenal feat.

She has several record-breaking times to her name and has no plans to stop running. This isn’t surprising given that Ginette runs three hours a day every single day of the year regardless of the weather. One year, her husband (who has since passed), her primary supporter and cheerleader, actually went out and shoveled a path through the snow in the park she likes to run in so Ginette could enjoy her run. Now that’s devotion--both of her spouse--and of Ginette’s dedication to the sport.

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