Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Matter of Focus, Episode 54

It is said that whatever you focus on, grows. Great. Except when you find yourself focusing on yucky hurtful things, which just seem to magnify the misery in your life. How can you use the enormous power of focus, or concentrated energy, to work for you, rather than against you?

What tools can you use to keep from dumping into either a miserable victim or angry ranter? In this podcast, you’ll learn an easy three-step process to use focus for your success and happiness!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The Magic of The 5:1 Ratio


I’m sitting on the floor in my office, cell in hand, eye-balling the Internet router refusing to connect to the Internet, while the Frontier tech troubleshoots the problem. Which occurred because our neighborhood had a power outage, now resolved. Why one has to endure the misery of Internet disconnection on top of a power outage, I have no idea, but such is the reality of our interconnected world . . .

I’m not happy. Duh. I have a full workload and no time to deal with all this. As I sit there, fussing and fuming, I remember the magic 5:1 ratio. Namely, everything works better when you balance your one negative thought with five positive thoughts*. Deep breath. I release the pity party, and off I go. I can actually speak with a live tech, yay! I still have cell service, yay! I can call my next appointment for directions, yay! The power is on, yay! I have plenty of work I can do offline, yuck – sorry, yay!

Then I remember, “Thanksgiving.” Right! The season of gratitude. What better time to implement the 5:1 ratio with more than my current Internet woes? Like to notice everything I love about my home, about my puppies, about my work, about my clients, about my friends, my Church, my neighborhood? And on and on. Do I have complaints about all sorts of things? Yes, don’t we all. But somehow, as I find at least five things to appreciate about everything in my life, from the mundane (easy bathroom cleaning) to the sublime (my relationship to Spirit), those complaints are irrelevant. Just bits to clean up, handle, resolve, but nothing to waste my precious life energy on.

Thanksgiving! What a wonderful, inspiring time of year. May yours be filled with joy and multitudinous reasons for – gratitude!

*For the origin of the ratio, see Dr. Gottman’s work

Approval v. Love, Episode 53

Why is it you can never seem to find the love you seek? That special relationship that would fill you with such joy. What’s wrong with you? Nothing! What’s wrong is how you’re going about seeking love, namely confusing someone’s approval of you with loving you. In this podcast, you’ll discover the profound difference between approval with love and some ways to get to that love you so ardently desire.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Episode 52

Do you ever feel like your life isn’t in your control? Like you’re living what everyone else wants you to and you’re not happy, and you don’t know what to do about it? What a painful unfortunate way to spend your days! Well, you don’t need to put up with it anymore. In this podcast, you’ll discover ways to live the life you want to live, without having to run off to a desert island or turn into a hermit . . .

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Power of Mental Rehearsal, Episode 51

Olympic athletes use it, successful performers use it – guess what? You can use it too! When you have to have that conversation you dread, make that presentation for the first time, face that person you’re in awe or fear of, you too can use mental rehearsal to position yourself in the best possible place for success. In this podcast, you’ll learn the mental rehearsal techniques that will help you turn any challenge to your advantage. Indeed!

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